Buratinas successfully reached Brussels on 28th of August!

Dear all! The Buratinas crew finally sobered after welcome parties and we gladly share with you some pictures from our trip. There are also sneak preview of video footage from Belarus, thank you’s and… and thats about it. Enjoy!

Expedition establishes first contact with locals –  Republic of Belarus.

The cooking-eating-washing routine starts immediately.

Aurimas bravely encounters mystic waters of Nemunas in lithuanian side.

Buratinas enters his first lock in Belarus, Augustow canal. There is about 200 more left.

Julius tries to ease the stress.

He succeeds.

Steamboat “Neman” and its crew generously hosted us for two days and nights.

At the steamboat the fish is dried inside the engine department.

Captain and co-captain proudly shows around the ship. Last winter “Neman” sank, so they had to pull it out and fix everything themselves.

Crew specially dressed up for the photo session at the cockpit.

The place, where “Neman” hospitality materializes at its best.

Captain shares some similarity, especially the shape of mustache, with the eternal president of the country.

The guy in the middle painted on Buratinas the Belarus marines logo, sat on motorcycle and drove home without lights. Of course drunk as hell.

It was observed that certain species of trees mystically start to hallucinate around Aurimas head.

On the left – Belarus, on the right – Poland. Buratinas entered 3’d country in 4 days.

Julius introduces “Head&Shoulders” to local underwater life.

The first five Polish locks were not working – this could be the end of expedition. While we tried to think of something, the lock at least dried our clothes.

But the extraordinary

But the extraordinary reflection on our shaving mirror of Aurimas son Pranas was a good sign.

The construction workers nearby didn’t refuse to make some extra cash and helped to pull us out.

After incredible amounts of the word “kurwa”, Buratinas moved on through the woods and eventually returned to water at the Paniewe lake to finish the rest of Augustow canal in the usual way.

Those pictures should demonstrate the gentle and romantic sides of the crew personalities.

Every lock in Augustow canffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffal

Every lock in Augustow canal has similar house. Here lives the lock keeper, who was wearing the uniform. We suspected he designed it himself, because the rest of lock keepers were in shorts.

First scar. One ofyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyytatatatatatatattatatatattatataattatatattatatatattatatatatatatataatcooooooooool

First scar. One of many to come.

Buratinas arrives at Augustow marina and gets used to be laughed at.

In the front: Aurimas poses with a t-shirt by talented Vilnius designer Lina Sasnauskaite. At the back – Monika and Robert, two strangers in a rubber boat we picked up. Couple became our companions for the next couple of days.

fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffcoolJulius caught

Julius caught in a moment of intense discussion. Actually he doesn’t understand a word.

Next – the Beaver river Biebrza. 150 kilometers of wet marshes, birds and big fat hairy beavers.

As Poland cherishes their beavers, the river is propeller free national park. For 4 days we had to row.


The hair starts to grow on Julius face.

Strange encounters along the way – lonely hay women and lonely writer in a kayak. Aurimas pulls out his best smile.


Meet Wojtek Mejor – manual printing lecturer from Warsaw Art Academy. Here, in the Narew river, he examines a plant atlas looking for edible wild grass. Although we didn’t find it, the flowers from someones garden were tasty.

It is very hot. Or Aurimas is fashionista. Or both.

Before printing work starts, we have to think what to print.

It’s hard.


But the ideas finally start to pour and the 4 day workshop begins.

Wojtek took this picture from the water holding camera with both hands. Magic.

Aurimas holds the famous fathers ghee butter jar. The chunk of meet below was fed to the beavers.

Julius tries to keep the boat clean, only to skip this useless activity a week later.

Cleaning the pot – extreme ordeal nobody volunteered to experience.

Spider trafficking  – expedition transported few species all the way from Lithuania to Belgium.

Eagle adds up to the price.

Expedition was briefly visited by Piotr, Iza and Miron Goldsteins. Program involved jewish songs, wine tasting and swimming.


We were so exited about the wine that we forgot to take pictures of the singing part. Sorry Iza! (But we have it on film).

Wine tasting was exhausting.

Only Wojtek survived, so he took this self-portret as a proof.

Few hours later cruel reality begins once again.

Somewhere in the urban jungle. But not everyone is sleeping.


The next morning is the D day.

The propaganda posters had to be placed where the target group would see them best – on the trees, besides Wysla river, near illegal gipsy cemetery.

This one urges flies to stop tickling people. The line below says: NO to counter productive acts! By Wojtek Mejor.

This poster adresses the beavers: Enhance your mind, beaver, but beware of the cosmic anxiety. By Aurimas Lazinskas.

Too much blood had been donated to mosquitos on this trip. Poster sends reconciliation message: Enough human blood has been shed. By Julius Markevicius.

B side.

Public relations.


As Buratinas entered Warsaw center, Wysla met us with a stream of shit. There was a beach on the other side, full of people.

Otherwise than a river, Warsaw inhabitants met us with a stream of hospitality and expedition immediately was invited to tie themselves to the artists barge-stage. The other ship belongs to an architect. He showed us inside.

He dreams to reach Paris one day with it. It will be tough, but worth it. And thanks for the coffee.

Next to our port lies the remains of a whale. In the back – new football stadium. In that side of the river there is also vietnamese colony, somewhere near the market. Regretfully we didn’t managed to check it out, but you have to do it for us.

Wojtek generously borrowed his shower and a balcony.


Warsaw by night: At alternative club Julius doesn’t have Woody Allen glasses, nor Vespa, nor old dutch bike, but has a bag full of wet clothes.

Its nearly morning but the barge is full. Note the three shining windows on the left.

Hottest morning of hole trip (in the shadow). And even hotter day: the Warsaw Love Parade!


Is it his mom on the right?


Pet Shop Boys!


As a goodbye present, Wojtek wrote on the side of Buratinas lesbian slogan borrowed from parade: Vegan vaginas taste better! And glued a gay pride flag nearby. Thanks!

On the bank of Wysla expedition visited a sculptor. He don’t like to carve religious personalities, but instead loves naked women. Sculptor told about times, when he packed a full car of such women and drove all the way to Cote d’Azur.


Right size to fit in the trunk.


One night we camped in the dark and in the morning we found ourselves sleeping besides a weird museum. Aurimas went to check it out.


Nobody understood what it was about.


Egle and Denis: our lithuanian-german friends payed us a visit. In the back – Wysla dam.

Egle loves cats. Denis is a trance DJ.


Human nature.


Upper middle class favorite: waterskiing.


Polonesia: the land of sandy beaches, warm water and private islands.

Buratinas leaves Wysla, turns to the left and arrives at Bydgoszcz. Bydgoszcz is nice.

Buratinas once more docks successfully – near the barge-night club “Barka”, main town square with a stage and three dirty naked women.


Bydgoszcz will become European capital of culture in 2016. There are concerts held for this occasion. Bands were quite cool. And Bydgoszcz by night is quite cool too.


From where? Lytwa. To where? Amsterdam. With this? Yes. Name of a boat? Buratinas. Fine, 6,24 zloty please.


Yamaha got some sashimi.

There were a lot of those in Poland: half 60’s Cadillac, half motor boat – we fell in love with this soviet aluminum beauty.

In Notec river we were visited by hang-glider Justas and his friend on their way to Italy. Justas had made few plywood boats himself and was a great adviser.

Symbolism at its perfection.


Leaving Warta, entering Oder river. Germany on the right. Grass looks greener there, really.


Entering Niederfinow boat lift. 36 meters and oldest in Germany.


Getting crowdy.

Forget peeing in the water – germans are everywhere. If you misbehave, they will call politzei.

Overtaking barge: barge – 7km/h, we – 7,5 km/h.

Painful realization, that privacy has gone forever.


Buratinas shows off in Berlin.

Juste, Justas and Erika-Vabliukas hosted expedition members free of charge, showed where to find best kebabs, a bit of nightlife and were very kind to us. In return, we used all their toilet paper and ate everything we could find in the fridge.


First non human mammal to travel in Buratinas.


Justas, also known as MC Liezhuvis, appreciates our Sony radio, constantly playing 80’s hits.

Behind the curtains photographer spots a pretty pair of legs. And a good head also.


On our goodbye picnic we spotted a nice neighborhood, perfect for squatting rich berliners summer houses. There are wild pigs running around though. Berlin, you seduced us into your growing worshipers club – you piece of concrete!

Someone found those woods missing a little touch of romanesque revival.

The taj-mahalian size of ambition: royal palace of Potsdam.

This is not what are you thinking.

Meet Toms Grinbergs. Stage design student and party beast from Berlin. Together with Julius heroically made all the way to Amsterdam and successfully replaced Aurimas, who went on parenting vocation to Vilnius.

Two men immediately found common interests.

From dawn to sunset, and often at night, the crew immersed into wide range of discussions and as the sun came down – into prolonged monologues.

Night driving: the civilized drinking culture quickly degraded to chaotic acts of alcoholism.

Men traveled from Moscow…

To Washington and to shop in the morning to sell empty cans. But after few near-death experiences with the barges, the crew decided to concentrate more on the expedition targets.

The water bridge over Elbe river. Expedition passed another, much older, later:


The rain simulating glasses.

This SpongeBob graffiti was nominated the best one under all of 400 bridges of Mitteland canal.

Clear vegetable soup.


Toms spotted this field near Dortmund-Ems canal. This poor hay is exploited by german nationalists and nobody cares.


One rainy afternoon, expedition established a small camp by this road. We offered a dinner and drink to a passer by. He returned with a bottle of cherry liqueur and left. This is how we learned about german hospitality – it is based on immediate payback.

Eastern Europe leaves it’s traces.

Buratinas slides into Netherlands. In the first lock, a lock keeper comes to us, throws a lighted up joint on the deck and shouts: peace! He knows how to welcome.

We stare how a worker washes signal lights with a shampoo. Madness.

Later we understood why – Holland is fanatically neat. Dirty punk Buratinas arrived at Pleasantville.


And the worst part – we loved it.


Here a higher level of tolerance is expected – for inter-spieces relations also.

As a result of jump to Buratinas after party in Poland, the back deck was broken and water was constantly leaking inside during rain.


Tinte – latvian video artist living in Amsterdam. She accommodated us in her hardcore Noord ghetto flat.

Illegal rave under the bridge – radio transmits jumpstyle.

Shooting Fa commercial. Deodorant sales bottom-rocketted.


Expedition becoming more and more anti-social: cooking in the crowded tourist area. Getting close to asking for money.


Buratinas accidentally took part in one of the worlds largest sailing events, creatively named Sail.

A drivers nightmare.

Burkauskas has it.

Ship from Indonesia with sailors performing choreography on masts. Every gay parades dream.

Buratinas, in do it yourself category, was defeated only by floating cupboard with a sofa.


Expedition reaches the North Sea.

Mindaugas Bonanu alter ego.


People behind Lithuania’s favorite food additives fighting website sveikasvaikas.lt: Agne and Linas.

Showing teeth.

Quite usual practice. The only thing unusual is the same timing.

Rotterdam based Kipras and his brother were taken for a ride. It all ended very wrong.

In stormy conditions expedition got lost and nearly entered the North Sea. Rotterdam port patrol escorted us to their place threatening of big problems with the police. It was explained, they don’t want to take responsibility for our imminent emergency accident. But they didn’t knew, how tough Buratinas is.

Buratinas waiting for the judgement.

Police arrived. They laughed a lot. They gave us better maps and told port patrol to escort us to safe waters. Patrol captains face was expressional. Buratinas 1 – Rotterdam port 0.


Buratinas arrives at Antwerpen and makes a complete gipsy mess of it’s marina.

As a goodbye present, Mindaugas Bonanu leaves skillfully mastered fresco: Buratinas vs. Fuckazilla. (Photo camera was out of order).


The next day expedition reaches Brussels and stays at www.fo.am headquarters. Brugge was skipped for threatening lack of funds.

We had opportunity to know more about this exiting organization and to take a shower twice a day.

Taking last stuff.

Farewell picnic with plenty of kids and cider.

This is how we left Buratinas. A sad picture for the end, but don’t be fooled by it: three fine men Trudo, Bart and Pieter have some plans for him. One is certain – Buratinas adventures will go on!



  • Ritos pusseserei iš Baltarusijos ir Elmai už prezentacijų vertimus
  • Kornelijai Česonytei už pagalbą rašant raštus ir kontempliuojant koncepcijas
  • Justui Pleikiui už laivo statybos meno išmokymą ir visokeriopą pagalbą
  • Linui Kesminui-Činčui už Boch pjūklą, palaikymą ir online raw food’o pamokas
  • Jonui Jonušui už grąžtą
  • Linui Markevičiui už paramą zlotais ir eurais, benzinu, malkomis, bei įrankiais
  • Eglei Markevičienei už nuostabias Buratino užuolaidėles
  • UAB Masyvas ir Gintui už paramą statybiniu rekvizitu
  • Aurimo tėčiui už Buratino nugabenimą iki Nemuno ir ghee sviestą
  • Senukams už benzininį elektros generatorių
  • Artūrui Styxui už fotoaparatą, variklio ir remėjų suradimą ir facebooko administravimą
  • Audriui-Seniui, Mindaugui Bonanu, Burkauskui ir visai šaikai, dalyvavusiai Buratino apvertime ir nuleidime į Nemuną – ačiū chebra!
  • Vitai Naujokaitytei iš LR ambasados Minske ir ambasadoriui už neįkainuojamus dokumentus, leidusius mums įplaukti į Baltarusiją ir iš jos
  • Kiprui ir Egiui už Buratino papankinimą markeriais
  • Agnei ir Linui už vidaus padažymą sveikatai pavojingomis aplinkybėmis
  • Algiui Kisieliui iš VSAT už skalndų išplaukimą Nemunu
  • Druskininkų Vandens Parkui už paramą litais
  • Baracudai už variklio paskolinimą – Yamaha dirbo tobulai
  • Motoidėjai už motorolerių padangas ant bortų
  • Martynui Kazimerėnui už įrankius ir konstrukcinius patarimus
  • Birutei Mumenaitei iš Nyderlandų ambasados už gerus ketinimus
  • Vaidminei Masiulytei, Eglei Banytei ir Viktorijai Skujienei taip pat už gerus ketinimus
  • Martynui Savickiui už puikius kontaktus


  • Director of Gardin travel agency for polish transportation contacts
  • Crew of “Neman”!
  • Zamestytel of canal director for arranging with the border guards
  • All the lock keepers, who let us through free of charge


  • Excavator driver and guy with a jeep for pulling us out
  • Sosnowka lock keeper for magnificent samagon
  • Wojtek Mejor – for unforgettable summer week and Warsaw
  • Piotr and Iza for wine and introducing jewish culture
  • Barges of Warsaw and Bydgoszcz for docking in the best places
  • Architect in his boat for letting us in
  • All the Love Parade participants for posing to us


  • Erikai-Vabaliukui ir Justui už prieglobstį ir rūpestį
  • Justei Kostikovaitei už kambarį ir Berlin by night!
  • Klubui Pavilion už vakarėlį mūsų garbei
  • Toms Grinbergs – for staying until the end. BBB! Prieka!


  • 1st lock keeper for a joint
  • German yacht for company
  • Two nice girls in a motor boat for raising our spirits
  • Lithuanian girl from cofeeshop for charging our phones and coffee
  • Karoliui iš Amsterdamo už alų, nakvynę ir visokeriopą mūsų kuravimą
  • Tinte for accommodation and one of the sickest parties of the trip
  • Kiprui su broliu už nakvynę Roterdame ir kompaniją


  • Linai Kusaitei už neaiškių tipų priėmimą pas save ir pažintį su belgišku alumi
  • Rasai Alksnytei už pikniką ir moralinį palaikymą
  • Trudo, Bart and Pieter – for arranging Buratinas parking and taking care of it – biggest respect!
  • Vytautui Landzbergiui už beveik sudalyvavimą Buratino išleistuvių vakarėlyje


  • Morten Olesen for Buratinas design drawings and consultations

Big thanks for everybody who gave us water, other liquids, maps, cookies and wished luck.

Julius special thanks goes to: Aurimas Lažinskas, who spend all that time together in the garage, breathing toxic glue and sharing all downs and ups! And the one and only hero of the expedition – BURATINAS. You made it.

And here is a raw Belarus footage from, hopefully, coming series about our adventures:


“Do it on deck” successfully started at 2th of July

missiles dissipating the depressing clouds over Europe

That’s the name of a fluxus-experiment-happening project of our participant from Koeln, Germany, Dennis Ruemping.

Most of you should know this widespread plant called St John’s Wort that is proven to have a major positive effect on people suffering from depression.

That fact gave Dennis a clue, what benefits could DoItOnDeck expedition get from this gracious product of nature and he instantly formulated the “Missiles Dissipating the Depressing Clouds Over Europe” project.

Now it is not that Dennis is stating that Europe itself is depressed. He is worried that one day, during the journey crossing Europe, we with our boat will inevitably encounter depressing clouds above our heads and it could make us not happy or even depressed.

So Dennis decided to make an experiment if St John’s Wort is powerful enough to help us in this case. Inspired by seedballing Guerrilla Gardening movement he started producing some powerful tools for us that are expected to dissipate the depressing clouds over Europe. It’s called seed-missiles, small lumps of compost, clay and water with seeds of St John’s Wort inside.

Whenever during our journey we see a cloud that looks able to produce not-happiness or even depression, we would start the experiment by throwing the seed-missiles into these clouds and onto the banks of rivers and canals. And then we would wait and see if St John’s Wort  is providing us with the expected effect.

Few people noted to us that the effect could be not quite instant, because it is possible that the seeds should grow out of the seed-missile first to generate more energy needed in dissipating the depressing clouds. But as long as the experiment has not started yet, we can only speculate about the mysterious ways of our Nature.

So the answer to the question “will or will not St John’s Wort’s seed-missiles dissipate the depressing clouds over Europe?” has to wait some more than two months, when our journey and with it this exciting experiment begins.

During our journey we will hear more about the wonderful, nature-loving Guerrilla Gardening movement and it’s ideas that inspired Dennis for this exciting happening. Maybe we will even see some moss graffiti on the boat…

St John’s wort

we took the boat to another dimension

Yes, 2D to 3D. Throughout this winter we were working on 2 dimensional parts of the boat, drawing them on plywood, then cutting and gluing them into huge plates, then lying on them, caressing and fondling them and waiting for the warm spring to come:

As soon as the freezing winter colds receded and we could feel that the heat we accumulate with the radiators does not leave the garage in just five minutes, we threw our sweaters away and started preparing the boat to take another dimension:

And bam! Just two days of fitting and stitching and our boat already HAS that extra dimension!

P.S. if you took your glasses off for a second and looked more carefully at the second picture, you could see a butterfly facing Julius there. Few days ago, when the garage was warm enough, Julius came and found this butterfly stuck in glue on the bottom plate of the boat. He somehow released the butterfly from the glue and let it out in the streets of Vilnius. From that moment the fate of it is unknown to us. Apart from miraculous versions, our guess is that there was a pupil sleeping in the garage during winter and when we started heating the place, the butterfly has mistaken it for a warm spring and made it’s way out of the pupil. A little bit too early.

And if you looked even more closely at the picture, you could see that the butterfly is photoshoped into it, because Julius had no camera to take a picture of it. So this picture is more like an amateur reconstruction of the scene than a solid documentary evidence.

the boat has left the building (laivas paliko namą)

In this case, it is very important, where through did our boat leave the building. Why? During the monstrous winter colds, while our garage was too freezing to build the boat in, we made a research on the adventures all over the world. Many astonishing things we found, but one that caught our eye was that most of the adventures had one detail in common, a kind of pattern that we believe made them successful. It’s a balcony.

Having that in mind, Julius took the broadsides of our boat to his third floor flat to glue them and to wait for the spring so that we finally could make that thing of success – the balcony – be involved into our adventurous Do It On Deck journey:

The smell of luck and success was teasing our noses, making the job of holding the rope holding the broadside of the boat so pleasant. We did not want to let it go. We wanted to hold the rope and stand in that balcony forever. But our muscles finally started to shudder of exhaustion and we knew it would have to end soon. And finally we let it go. After all, it’s just the beginning. The beginning of an adventure that already has it’s success guaranteed…

Our Sponsors:

Julius Markevičius

Aurimas Lažinskas

Linas Markevičius

Buratinas building plans:

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