missiles dissipating the depressing clouds over Europe

That’s the name of a fluxus-experiment-happening project of our participant from Koeln, Germany, Dennis Ruemping.

Most of you should know this widespread plant called St John’s Wort that is proven to have a major positive effect on people suffering from depression.

That fact gave Dennis a clue, what benefits could DoItOnDeck expedition get from this gracious product of nature and he instantly formulated the “Missiles Dissipating the Depressing Clouds Over Europe” project.

Now it is not that Dennis is stating that Europe itself is depressed. He is worried that one day, during the journey crossing Europe, we with our boat will inevitably encounter depressing clouds above our heads and it could make us not happy or even depressed.

So Dennis decided to make an experiment if St John’s Wort is powerful enough to help us in this case. Inspired by seedballing Guerrilla Gardening movement he started producing some powerful tools for us that are expected to dissipate the depressing clouds over Europe. It’s called seed-missiles, small lumps of compost, clay and water with seeds of St John’s Wort inside.

Whenever during our journey we see a cloud that looks able to produce not-happiness or even depression, we would start the experiment by throwing the seed-missiles into these clouds and onto the banks of rivers and canals. And then we would wait and see if St John’s Wort  is providing us with the expected effect.

Few people noted to us that the effect could be not quite instant, because it is possible that the seeds should grow out of the seed-missile first to generate more energy needed in dissipating the depressing clouds. But as long as the experiment has not started yet, we can only speculate about the mysterious ways of our Nature.

So the answer to the question “will or will not St John’s Wort’s seed-missiles dissipate the depressing clouds over Europe?” has to wait some more than two months, when our journey and with it this exciting experiment begins.

During our journey we will hear more about the wonderful, nature-loving Guerrilla Gardening movement and it’s ideas that inspired Dennis for this exciting happening. Maybe we will even see some moss graffiti on the boat…

St John’s wort


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