Leg 1 Druskininkai-Augustow-Warszawa

The journey begins in Lithuania, Druskininkai on Nemunas river. Upstream we will meet with Lithuanian customs officials and later with their Belorussian colleagues. If the stars, all Gods, and most importantly all the papers are right, we will cross into Republic of Belarus without much harassment and become the first expedition to take such route in modern times. Then our boat enters Augustow canal, which brings us to Poland just after 20 km. Route follows canal through Augustow town and 14 locks. Then we sail downstream Biebrza (Beaver) river, then larger Narew, and finally few kilometers of the Bug, which flows into Warsaw dam. In order to reach Vistula river we will use roundabout canal and a lock.

Leg 2 Warszawa-Bydgoszcz-Berlin

From Warsaw we follow Vistula river until Bydgoszcz town. Here our route and minds turn to the West. With the help of locks we will reach Oder river through Notec and Warta. After short trip downstream Oder, the boat enters Germany in the small town of Hohensaaten. We follow water route to encounter wierd Niederfinow boat lift. After elevation, the Oder-Havel canal brings us to poetic arms of Berlin.

Leg 3 Berlin-Hannover-Amsterdam

We are leaving Berlin through Havel river ant it’s lovely Wann, Jungfern, Weisser, Plauer and Wend See’s. Elbe-Havel canal brings us to a place of one more German technology genius – water bridge over Elbe river, where in case of navigational error you can fall with your ship on top of the other ship. This place marks the beginning of the mighty Mittellandkanal – a 325,7 km patch of blue water, a superhighway for ships with endless fields on both sides and monotonous sound of your engine. In the middle of this canal a town of Hannover will await us with the best civilization gifts. Later, a Dortmund-Ems canal flows us to Haren town, where we turn westwards to switch from Deutsch to Dutch. In Netherlands the boat follows north canals to Groningen town and then through lovely countryside and few stormy waters reaches the capital of Netherlands and tourists – Amsterdam.

Leg 4 Amsterdam-Brussel-Brugge

From Amsterdam expedition heads to Utrecht and navigates through complex place, where river Rhine together with the other ones form a massive delta with way too many names for each branch of it. Somewhere in this body of water we sneak into Belgium and the town of Antwerpen. Upstream Schelt river the boat turns to Brussels canal and reaches the place with the highest concentration of diplomats, EU flags and more interesting things. Back to Schelt and the old town of Ghent suggests the end is near. Few more kilometers and our expedition finishes with ritualized bathing in Brugge canal.


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